Glazed wall tiles 330×600mm (13"×24")

Each tile can be a different pattern, or you can have multiples of the same design. Be creative and design your kitchen tile layout the way you like via our offer- black ceramic tiles, terra cotta tile, bice wall tile, vitrified tile, khaki wall tile, bathroom tile pattern, wall tile backsplash and etc.

Plunge bright, interest and beauty into your bathroom! Make your bathroom tile pattern outstanding, vivid, and mix in with your cupboard, ceiling tiles and floor tiles. The suitable patterns enhance harmonious to bathroom. Sometimes, it uses some accent tiles of the same design to give balance. We use modern methods, processes and kiln firing to produce a beautiful selection of black ceramic tiles, ready to be installed in any wall of your home, office, outside of a building, for interior design and architectural purposes. As you see, colorful bathroom tile pattern can save your bathroom from looking plain and ordinary. To be a good manufacturer, we produce wall tiles in a wide range of styles, colors, and processes to meet a variety of consumers' needs, such as black ceramic tiles, khaki wall tile, bathroom tile pattern, bice wall tile, vitrified tile, wall tile backsplash, terra cotta tile and so on.