Automatic Faucet

The variety of faucets may be from the manufacturer's imagination. Faucets rich in many patterns for different purposes, such as automatic sensing faucet, sensor faucet, self-closing faucet, automatic kitchen faucet, automatic bathroom faucet, electronic automatic faucet, automatic hand washer, temperature control shower faucet and etc. With the development of science and technology, these sensor faucets will become more and more popular.

During the using process of automatic sensing faucet, you will find out many excellences which are hard to exceed. The body is made from high quality brass ,zinc,or chrome plated by hot forging. Self-closing faucet is normally composed of CPU circuit,infrared ray sensor,battery operated and some other water-proof units. Through the intelligent unit, automatic sensing faucet can control water skillfully. It is convenient that automatic water out once the hand is within the sensing range, and that automatic shutting once the hand leaves the sensing ranges of self-closing faucet. In addition, while traditional faucets are for mass-market housing, most upscale home buyers are inclined to seek unique designs to express their own individuality. That's why electronic automatic faucet, automatic sensing faucet, sensor faucet, automatic bathroom faucet, automatic hand washer, self-closing faucet, automatic kitchen faucet and temperature control shower faucet which both intelligent product are becoming more and more popular in public.