Lightweight Roofing Tiles


Yuxiang is one of the leading professional ceramic tile manufacturers and exporter in China. Our lightweight roof tiles include light weight clay roofing tile and ceramic roofing tile.

Our roofing tiles, designed for extreme climates, are virtually resistant to the passing of time, the ravages of weather and the hazards of fire. Our roof tile systems withstand wind-driven rain, absorb minimal moisture and defy termites, rodents and rot. Our tile meets or exceeds industry requirements for strength, water absorption, permeability, freeze-thaw, wind uplift combustibility, dimensions and weight. They are excellent materials used in building a roof. Surface treatment includes shiny glazed and matte glazed. As it is known, roofing tile can withstand the natural climatic elements, improve with exposure and protect the building. The raw material can be in different colors, with elegant and noble looking. Roof panel brings warmth and specialty to the appearance of a building construction, adding to the appeal of a building. Our light weight roofing tile can be custom-crafted made, inspired by your ideas. Whatever your building is refurbishment or a new project, it is ideal to use our roofing tile because we offer flexibility and choice for the style of traditional or modern building. Clay roofing tile is available in a wide variety of permanent colors and textures which over time will weather and mellow, but never fade. It meets consumer demand for quality natural house building materials. Our exclusive roof tiles, such as: clay roofing tile, ceramic roofing tile, roof panel and so on, are widely used historical buildings, stately homes and office developments, creating with a blend of old-world tradition and new-world innovation.

Accessories: ridge, right ditch shield, two-way ridge, three-way ridge, inclined ditch shield, sealing head of slanting ridge, gutter, cornice tile and sealing head of ridge.

roof tile accessories