glazed filled series Polished Porcelain Tile

Glazed filled series polished porcelain tile has advantages over natural marbles, such as: no maintenance, easy installation, lower cost and same durability. It can be used as various mosaic patterns of wall and floor board with painting or sculpture in personalized normal or specially designed building with Chinese or western styles. Yuxiang is a specialized manufacturer of various kinds of polished porcelain tiles, such porcelain floor tile series include glazed filled series, archaic polished series, golden beige series, super white, solid color, big grain, blue and light green tiles, which are classically beautiful, smooth, refined and distinguishably resilient. Available sizes including: 12"×24", 20"×20", 24"×24", 31.5"×31.5", 40"×40". Custom sizes are welcomed.

There are a wide variety of polished porcelain floor tiles, which can add veins, interests, colors and personality to any room. Porcelain tiles are obtained by particular clays and high temperatures. Through the rigorous process, this archaic polished tile is so beautiful that can compare beauty with its rival-natural marble tiles. Like quarry marble, they can be worked, honed and polished, because they are homogeneous throughout the thickness. Polished porcelain floor tiles are available in many sizes, colors and in two finishes: pre-polished which will be a smooth and matt surface and polished which will have a high glossy surface. There are available for each color decorative borders and central rosettes. Our polished porcelain tiles come in a variety of colors, from green to white to golden-beige shades, itemized as follows: light green, super white, solid color, grain polished, archaic, blue and golden beige.