pure color Porcelain Tiles

Our delighted products: pure color porcelain floor tile, Crystallized Glass Panel, black floor tiles, yellow porcelain tile, white floor tile, red floor tile for kitchen and bathroom flooring have been fully tested for water penetration and structural integrity to the Standard. You can find out the suitable one for your project easily.

Porcelain exhibits artistic delicacy and refinement, coupled with exceptional durability. Offering glazed or polished finishing options for the bathroom, kitchen, basement, or foyer, porcelain is a model material for elegant, enduring tile flooring. Porcelain tile is a reliable option for refined beauty in flooring, as well as being durable to high foot traffic and highly resistant to moisture. Baked at higher temperatures than most ceramics, resultant porcelain tile is a harder material, making it a great choice in areas of high foot traffic. Porcelain tile also remains to be a versatile tile flooring option, offering a range of finishes and colors which can complement or redefine any interior to great effect. Works great as a primary flooring for all applications and can be accented with other natural stones for a seamless custom design with rugged durability.

Pure color tile is a new era of fashionable ceramic tiles, it is good for damp proof and waterproof protection. The big characteristic of pure color tile is its mono color. It is durable enough to stand up to the kind of foot traffic you require of it in home and office settings. Crystallized Glass Panel is finished with a different surface technology to make it have excellent color fade-resistance. It stands as a resilient, moisture resistant, anti-static flooring material. Moreover, they are washable and in high anti-pollution, the idealism tiles for your choice. They are all environmentally responsible flooring materials as they pass through serious test. pure color porcelain floor tile, black floor tiles, yellow porcelain tile, white floor tile, red floor tile and the like of our porcelain-warehouse are the art of Chinese tiles, and have been mastered for satisfying the needs of designers from all over the world.