Art Wall tiles

Ceramic art wall tile and wall decor with China traditional pattern designs, unique and charming floral patterns are painted on tile surface, which are perfect wall decor for that empty spot on the wall. Our ceramic art wall tiles are made with traditional colors, glazes, firing methods and processes. The tiles are painted, glazed, and finally fired at 1850° F (1000°C), which means that the colors are permanently sealed in under the glaze and do not fade or wash away ever. They are unique wall decor and wall art for your home, living room, work area, office.

Express shipping is available: we ship to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and the rest of Europe, and other parts of the world. Normal size: 30×30CM, Package: Foam paper between tiles with plastic corner in neutral or customized carton.

Glazed wall tile is always machine-made clay tiles, pressed in a die and fired in a kiln to provide color and a hard surface. They come in a larger variety of colors and tones and are more stain resistant than unglazed tiles. This tile is clean simply by wiping with a wet cloth or sponge. You can make a fit choice considering your need from our glazed ceramic art wall tiles.