Ceramic Tile murals and Backsplash 300X300MM (12"x12")

Adding a decorative ceramic mural tile to your home really makes a statement. Show off your own individual taste and style with our decorative wall tile murals and accent pieces. Here you will find hundreds of tile mural selections for kitchens, backsplashes and bathrooms. We have the largest selection of both kiln fired and digital artwork reproduction tile murals available anywhere.

These beautiful tile murals are almost too pretty to endure the grease and steam a kitchen can dish out. But like any tile, these beauties can hold up inside or out. There are HUNDREDS of designs to choose from!

Our tiles are designed to be used as kitchen backsplashes and behind stove tops and ranges. They are durable and easy to clean. Our murals will fit into any room in your house. We can decorate your bathroom, kitchen, over the fireplace, in the wine room, sauna, backsplash, the wood paneling on your kitchen cabinets. Please let us know if you are planning to use our murals in a shower or outdoor installation. We use a different sealant than for a kitchen backsplash and we seal the back of the tiles.