Glazed wall tiles 200×300mm (8"×12")

We are the most popular China ceramic tile supplier nowadays. We provide Chinese-style tile products, such as: glazed wall tiles, ceramic bathroom wall tiles, ceramic kitchen wall tiles, which are suitable for the different market demand for each partner.

Glazed wall tiles are perfect combination of modern art and advanced tech. Ceramic wall tiles are durable and easy to clean. Additionally, it looks great in a variety of settings, most appropriately in the kitchen or bathroom. They are glazed with a semi-gloss or matte surface to ensure those tiles strong in physical and chemical properties. The glazed surface has a very low slip resistance and becomes slippery when wet. Therefore, glazed wall tiles are much more suited for wall or countertop applications rather than floors. They are excellent both in inner quality and face pattern. As a well-known China ceramic tile supplier, our main products - glazed ceramic bathroom wall tile and kitchen wall tile are conformed to international standard and meet clients' various decorative requirements. All ranges have been carefully chosen to represent the highest quality available whilst also considering the practical requirements of today's way of life. We are very happy to help with all of your requirements.