Unglazed Floor Tiles

unglazed floor tiles

We have a selection of unglazed floor tiles that are second-to-none, just as unglazed porcelain tile, unglazed floor tile, unglazed ceramic tiles, classic floor tile, interior floor tiles, outdoor unglazed floor tile, unglazed flooring and so on.

The difference between glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles Obviously, glazed tiles are coated with a liquid glass which is then baked into the surface of the clay. The glaze provides an unlimited array of colors and designs as well as protects the tile from staining. The unglazed ceramic tiles are pretty much the same as the glazed tile, except that their surface is not coated. Unglazed tile is a hard, dense tile of homogeneous composition that derives its texture and color from the materials and method of manufacture. Unglazed ceramic tiles do not show wear because their color extends throughout the tile, making them ideal for commercial applications. Any tile that is frost resistant may be used outdoors. For safety reasons, only unglazed floor tile with a slip resistant surface should be used on patios, walkways, pool decks, etc. The appearance does not change as the tiles wear, and they generally are not as slippery as glazed floor tiles. They are available in many shapes, colors, and designs, and cleaning requires only occasional mopping. Our products include: extensive range of unglazed ceramic tiles, classic floor tile, unglazed flooring, unglazed porcelain tile, unglazed floor tile, interior floor tiles and outdoor unglazed floor tile for traditional or contemporary homes.