glass mosaic Tile 20x20mm, 30x30mm, 40x40mm

Glass mosaic is also called glass brocade tile or glass paper tile. It is small size color decoration glass with thickness to be 4-6mm, some is transparent without color, some is colorful also transparent, half transparent, with gold, silver spot or vein. The front surface is smooth and bright, the back usually with rough vein, so be easy to stick. Our glass mosaic tiles are suitbale for kitchen room, bathroom room, pool, hotel, meeting room, plaza wall and floor decoration, gentle color, plain, elegant, beautiful, chemical steady, no color change, light weight, good sticking and mostly used for indoor decoration or outside of balcony. High anti-pressure, water-proof, acid-proof all are in accordance to country standard. The series Including crystal glass mosaic, star glass mosaic, pearl glass mosaic, cloud glass mosaic, metal mosaic etc.

The glass mosaic tiles we produce adopt high standard sand, quality reach to excellent level, various colors never fade. They could be widely used for all kind of construction decoration, indoor decoration, for example, used for floor pattern, wall picture, art decoration line, swimming pool pattern, etc. They are ideal decoration materials for all kinds of art picture, with very special art value and could be treasured up.