soluble salt series

We can supply soluble salt tile, polished porcelain tile, Marble texture tile, light yellow tile, bathroom wall tile, bathroom floor tiles, glazed floor tiles, polished floor tile, China floor tile and so on in the best quality.

Our soluble salt tile is the result of latest technology. It has an excellent shinning effect. Polished porcelain tile is produced by a different method from normal ceramic tiles. It is formed in a highly extreme press and then polished to a very high finish using exact equipment. Polished porcelain tile is versatile. For example, it can be used in any room of the house and are an excellent choice for outdoor conditions. Polished porcelain tile doesn’t wear down quickly, even under heavy traffic and they are also amongst the most water-resistant of all tiles. It won’t absorb more than 3% water. Very wet locations must be waterproofed. Another fascinating product is marble texture tile. It has some first-class characteristics as its marble texture and silky surface. Easy to clean with wet mop or sponge. Porcelain flooring can add an extremely elegant touch to any space, and the soluble salt tile, light yellow tile, bathroom wall tile, polished floor tile, polished porcelain tile, bathroom floor tiles, glazed floor tiles, Marble texture tile, China floor tile from Yuxiang ceramic tile corp can be the defining touch in color and texture for many of applications.