Bathroom wall tiles 250×330mm (10"×13")

Bathroom wall tiles of sizes 250x330mm are suitable for bathroom shower wall tile paving, and ceramic tile border of a whole set of wall tiles can beautify your bathroom perfectly. Durable high-gloss finish provides a smooth, shiny surface.

Choosing the correct backing for your wall tile is important if you want it to last, the fun part of a bathroom tiling project is choosing the tile itself. Ceramic tile is an attractive and exceptionally durable material for walls. It works in any room where you need an easily maintained surface. It always has been, and always will be, one of the most popular choices for bathroom wall tile. It can be glazed and fired in just about any color and design you can imagine, from soft earth tones to hand painted designs, and its water resistance is perfect for the bathroom shower setting. It can chip easier than some of the other tile options.

Most ceramic wall tiles come labeled with a water absorption rating. As with floor tile, absorbent wall tile will be susceptible to mildew and mold and be difficult to clean. Ceramic wall tiles are rated non-vitreous, semi-vitreous, vitreous, and impervious, in increasing order of water resistance. Practically speaking, these ratings tell you whether your shower tile may require sealant or if it can be left as it is. Non-vitreous and semi-vitreous do absorb noticeable amounts of water and may need to be sealed in damp rooms like bathrooms. Sealant can alter a tile's appearance, so test before you buy. Some shower ceramic tiles may come with a graphic to indicate the degree of color variation from tile to tile and in most cases it does vary somewhat.

When installing shower wall tile in a bathroom, leave an 1/8" space along the area where the wall meets the top of a tub or shower base. This area will be caulked later with silicon caulk. Caulk is flexible enough to allow movement—settling or expansion and contraction without cracking.