Glass Art Pattern

The glass art mosaic we produce adopts high standard sand, which quality can reach excellent level, colorful, color never change. Those glass art mosaic patterns are available in a variety of designs, some shine like flooring made of gold. They're all very artistic and incredibly beautiful, some are especially suited to entryways and bathrooms (since they aren't especially cozy). They could be widely used for all kinds of construction decoration, indoor decoration, for example, used for floor pattern, wall picture, art decoration line, swimming pool pattern, etc. They are very ideal decoration material and can be used for all kinds of art picture, with very special art value and could be treasured up.

Crystal glass art mosaic tile adopts high transparent panel glass, processed by high temperature, melt and made to colorful mosaic, all types and all kinds of specifications. No poison, no radiation, alkali proof, acid proof, temperature resistance, abrasion durable, water proof, high hardness, never color change, these meet the requirement for decoration material, due to glass its own characters, it looks like crystal and transparent, brilliant, beautiful, colorful, so the decoration with it looks elegant and graceful, full of art. Under different light, it has different feeling. All kinds of shape, square, rectangular, round, diamond, abnormal, and different sizes, flat, curve, straight edge, round edge, all kinds of designs glass art mosaic are offered for your special requirements.