Mixers & Accessories Series

Are you looking for original faucets to match your new basin or bath? We can offer the relevant bathroom fittings for your choice, such as Vertical kitchen faucet, shower faucet, brass mixer, lavatory faucet, bathtub faucets and so on which are all in the greatest design.

Kitchen faucets should be chosen to go together with the color scheme of kitchen. Vertical kitchen faucet shows an elegant look that's an attention-grabber in any kitchen. It has been more and more widespread. The material of vertical kitchen faucet normally is solid brass or chrome. It normally has single jet and a hygienic inner bin with a handle. Its single handle design with clean and sleek spout is perfect for our kitchen. It is obvious that vertical kitchen faucet is a creative structure with a wonderful technology. Most people select the faucet to match the sink by considering their function first then styles and colors second. In addition, lavatory faucet can keep in constant temperature and make a smooth and shined feeling. It is a big advantage which old faucets can not surpass. Our faucet products: brass mixer, lavatory faucet, Vertical kitchen faucet, shower faucet, bathtub faucets and so on are all widespread for many years as their good quality.