Kitchen / Bathroom Backsplash tiles 600×900mm (24"×35")

Backsplash tile is great for kitchen design, a unique little design function that caught hold a number of years ago and is a true nexus between design and function. While bathrooms are great places for just such a design, kitchen backsplash tile is a perfect way to keep water and foods off of your walls while also tying together the color pallet that carries the design flow between rooms.

Backsplash tile can be installed over most structurally sound substrates if they are clean, smooth and dry. Check with your supplier to see if the tile you have chosen requires a specific substrate. Repair, patch and level any damaged or uneven areas. Before beginning the installation of your kitchen backsplash tiles, make certain your countertop or countertop return is level. If necessary, insert shims between the lower cabinets and the countertop material to make it level. Turn the power off to any electrical outlets within or near your work space.

Dry fit your tiles so you can make any necessary cuts in advance. Measure tiles to be cut carefully and mark with a pencil or felt-tip pen. Make straight or diagonal cuts with a tile cutter and curved cuts with a nipper. For best results on curved cuts, only chip small pieces at a time. Smooth sharp edges with a carborundum stone. Check out the series of related videos (link is to the right) on how-to cut ceramic tile with a wet saw. These videos detail most cuts you'll encounter, including rounded cuts, corners holes and more.

After selecting the kitchen backsplash tiles or bathroom backsplash tiles you want to use, but before purchasing them, it is recommended that you create a paper tile design in the actual size of the space you'll be tiling. Using the dimensions of the tiles you want, cut tile shapes from paper using different colors to represent the different tiles. This method allows you to easily visualize your options, and once you come up with a design you're pleased with you'll be able to purchase the correct tile quantities (with some excess for cutting and possible breakage). If you got any questions in select backsplash pattern for decoration, please feel free to inquire us at any of your convenience. Our experienced engineer will give you good suggestion.