Glazed wall tiles 330×600mm (13"×24")

Installing a ceramic tile over vinyl can be tricky and challenging. However, vinyl wall and floor tend to wear quicker than stone and are hard to maintain. They can get easily stained accumulating dirt becoming unsightly. Adding ceramic tile over your vinyl will make the cleaning job easier while providing a more aesthetically appealing look.

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You can increase a focal point of interest above the tub. The china porcelain tiles have been covered to the tub in a horizontal row. This way adds theme, interest and beauty to your bathroom. The sink backsplash is a prime target for colorful bathroom design. Add colorful china porcelain tiles on the countertop, and accents of the same color to enhance the topic of your bathroom. Also, adopt the border tile design to make a colorful border around the sink. To be a famous wall tile supplier, we offer a set of fascinating wall tiles, contained rectangle and skirting tile, vinyl ceramic tile to add accents of color in your bathroom wall, sink, vanity top, countertop and tub surround, and to break the dullness of ordinary bathroom field tile.