Split Tiles Series

Split tile, brick veneer, split mosaics, brick wall tiles, faux brick, thin brick, ceramic brick, red brick and exterior wall tiles are the perfect finish to whatever project you're working on! They are mesh-mounted for a clean, easy installation.

Introduction of brick
Brick as a construction material is usually made of clay and extruded or molded as a rectangular block. It is a sun-dried molded mix of clay, straw, and water. In the manufacture of red brick, we use three types of clay: surface clay, fire clay, and shale. The first step in manufacture is crushing the clay. The clay is then ground, mixed with water, and shaped. Then the brick wall tiles are fired in a kiln at high temperature. The color may be uniform throughout the bricks, or the thin brick may be manufactured with a coated face. The most commonly used brick product is known as facing brick. Decorative ceramic brick molded in special shapes has many purposes. It is used to form certain architectural details such as water tables, arches, copings, and corners. Bricks vary widely in their composition, some examples include: split tile, brick wall tiles, brick veneer, thin brick, ceramic brick, split mosaics, faux brick, red brick, exterior wall tiles and so on.