Art floor tiles - Size 300×300 mM

These decorative art tiles are appropriate for using in many custom installations throughout the home. The look of the fields, moldings and decoratives make them the right choice as kitchen tiles and therefore are a sought after option for use as a kitchen tile backsplash.

Our commercially rated ceramic tile is durable enough for the busiest commercial environments and beautiful enough to accent any residential home. We offer several collections which can help create a special environment. Nature brings the outdoors in with aspects of nature such as Grass and Water, Urban takes you to the city streets and Expressions explores colors and textures. Our stock collection of decorative tiles for floors and walls are available for immediate use and feature incredibly vivid, realistic and durable images in tile. If the tile designs in our in-stock designs do not suit your needs our capabilities to produce custom tile give you the ability to create a ceramic floor tile, ceramic wall tile, or ceramic mural to carry your vision to reality.

Polished floor tile is always machine-made clay tiles, pressed in a die and fired in a kiln to provide color and a hard surface. They come in a larger variety of colors and tones and are more stain resistant than unglazed tiles. Because of their surface, polished ceramic tile is often used on walls or countertops. This tile is clean simply by wiping with a wet cloth or sponge.

We brings quality, hand painted ceramic tiles from China to your doorstep. We are able to sell to our customers at rates lower than other tile sources for these hard-to-find tile traditions. Browse the art tile online catalog to find the best selection.