micro crystal series

Yuxiang is a specialized manufacturer of various kinds of construction materials, such as micro crystal tiles,polished floor tiles,crystal stone tile,glazed crystal tile,crystallizing polished tile,crystal glass brick,crystal carpet tiles,blue porcelain tile,brown porcelain tiles.

All kinds of crystal tiles have been famous for many years. These productions (micro crystal tiles, polished floor tiles, crystal stone tile, glazed crystal tile, crystallizing polished tile, crystal glass brick, crystal carpet tiles, blue porcelain tile, brown porcelain tiles and etc) are so familiar to our daily life. They are versatile. Micro crystal tiles are produced by applying unique crystal particle embedding technique and selecting from many special transparent and bright granule materials. So the surface of micro crystal tiles is splendid like the starlight all over the sky. It is a unique, decorative material, featuring micro of crystal patterns which vary from tile to tile, making each installation an individual statement. Our crystal stone tile precedes over many others products as it is a very durable commercial grade polished tile that has a smooth and polished finish. As we know, it is full of modern fashion feelings and represents civilization?elegance and noble taste. Micro crystal tiles, crystal glass brick, crystal carpet tiles, polished floor tiles, crystallizing polished tile, blue porcelain tile, crystal stone tile, glazed crystal tile, brown porcelain tiles and so on from our storehouse are available in a variety of different colors to suit your artistic, practical and tastes.