Glazed wall tiles 300×450mm (12"×18")

Are you searching unique colorful tile for your kitchen, bathroom, countertop, ceiling, toilet, table-top or fireplace? Ok, our exquisite wall tiles, such as beige porcelain tile, brown wall tile, coffee brown tiles, handcrafted wall tiles, kitchen tile picture, semigloss wall tile, brick wall tile or other authentic products, will give you a surprise.

The process of handcrafted wall tiles
The process consists of a number of steps: First the design is composed on papers with a pencil. When the design finished, use a brush with black paint to brush the outline first on the handcrafted wall tiles. The colors are then filled in using brushes and under glaze ceramic paints after the painted. The handcrafted wall tiles are hand glazed and left to dry. After drying, they are fired in our kilns at high temperature. The end result is a unique hand painted tile ready for installation.

Features and benefits of our kitchen tile picture:
Kitchen tile picture hand-designed, is a unique and exclusive tile. The colors are permanently sealed in and do not wash away. Our beautiful wall tiles are ready to be suitable for walls, kitchens, bathrooms, sink backsplashes and other places. If you prefer, you can buy any kind of coffee brown tiles, kitchen tile picture, handcrafted wall tiles, beige porcelain tile, brown wall tile, semigloss wall tile and brick wall tile for your house.