Embossed tiles series

These embossed exterior wall tiles blend the efficiency of modern construction systems with the natural beauty and legendary durability of terracotta.

The period embossed range of modern ceramic wall tiles offers a new choice of colours incorporating a series of elegant cornices and mouldings. The range is complemented by a functional and smart range of special solid glazed ceramic corner fittings to match the field tiles. Colours and fittings can be selected in a mix and match of colours specially developed to compliment each other.

For centuries, glazed wall tile has been a symbol of affluence, exuding sophistication and an air of artistry that make marble tile a classic choice. It is renowned for its ornate, refined beauty. Glazed exterior wall tile has been a common feature in the ancient world. It will be a subtle or bold feature in the modern designer's vision. In the kitchen, unglazed tiles are not the best choice since they are porous and stain easily. Glazed ceramic tile cleans easily and grout can be maintained with an occasional scrubbing with a weak bleach and water solution. Since tiles are so long-lasting, making the right choices is important. Our offers of exquisite embossed tiles are the latest options and applications for the exterior walls.