glazed tiles series

Our glazed tiles series exterior wall tiles can be supplied with various color, include green wall tile, yellow wall tile, brown, red, pink and white wall tile etc. This series exterior wall tiles have natural surface, low water asorption rate, high bending strength and good durability, through very high firing makes the products no impurities, non-radioactive, the maintenance is free and it is easy to clean. Quite suitable for external wall decoration and protection. Bringing you natural and artistic charm to your house.

Glazed tile series exterior wall tiles have longer longevity and are easy to install with a range of sought after features, The application of external wall tile in the ancient world is renowned. This is true particularly in the famous building, among other noted monuments to the reliability of this durable, decorative stone. Still today, glazed wall tiles lend its subtle beauty, smooth textures, and regal classicism to many modern architectural constructions. Beyond these high-profile locations, they are enjoying popularity for many everyday residential and commercial projects. They are used as excellent wall tile as well as wall cladding, noted for both durability and understated aesthetic influence in all manner of exteriors. The presence of glazed tile shows every natural stone tile project an air of class, tying it to an architectural tradition, natural clay material makes it zero radioactivity, Eco-friendly. Our glazed exterior wall tile features good thermal vibratility, frost and abrasion resisting property, is a wonderful way to add pattern, texture, color and shape to any room in the house.