Glazed wall tiles 300×450mm (12"×18")

This section contains bathroom ceramic tiles, decorative ceramic tile, shower wall tile, fish border tile, shower tile picture, porcelain satin tiles and custom wall tile with an almost unlimited choice of patterns, textures and colors, can be fit for indoors or outdoors. The colors and the pictures will never fade.

Bathroom ceramic tiles designed with patterns are used for making attractive colorful focal points in a bathroom. The pictures are painted on ceramic tile, glazed and fired at a high temperature. Glazing and firing are used to give the shower wall tile an authentic, real look and feel with strong colors, varying shades, distinct outlines and carefully executed. The designs are sealed in permanently, giving you a colorful original tile which lasts forever. Decorative ceramic tile is all carefully hand painted and designed, by years of tradition and skilled tile painting. No digital processes, only traditional methods of hand painting are used. Our bathroom ceramic tiles, fish border tile, decorative ceramic tile, shower wall tile, porcelain satin tiles, custom wall tile and shower tile picture are perfect for use in restaurants, hotels, wine cellars on exterior walls, bathroom walls, table tops and so on.