Glazed wall tiles 200×300mm (8"×12")

Perhaps you’re looking for elegant, the classic beauty of wall tiles, or ornate porcelain tiles. Whatever your requirement, you will find the feat one to meet your need from our wall tiles. Ceramic tile can help you create amazing designs on a limited budget. It is easy to install and maintain. And as we are on top of the hottest industry trends, we will be able to let you go far beyond the neutral beiges of the 80s and 90s. Check out the vivid colors and stone-like tiles that can transform your home to an extraordinary space.

Wall tile, unlike floor tile, is a free from the burden of bearing weight or withstanding heavy traffic. Therefore wall tiles can be thinner, have finer finishes and in some cases, be less expensive. You can use floor tile on walls, but since it is heavier, it turns to slide down during installation. Porcelain wall tile should not be used on floors or countertops, however, because it will not stand up to much weight or sharp impacts. 200 x 300mm Ceramic Wall Tile have been widely applied for modern kitchens and bathrooms. It is also first choice for those who pursue individual decoration. We offer the largest and lowest priced selection of tile murals, decorative ceramic wall tile designs, murals and kitchen backsplash designs of fish, sea life, dolphins, whales, birds, flowers and plants, marbles, abstracts, landscapes, boats, ships, light houses, and fruit and vegetable designs for kitchens and bathrooms. All wall tiles are available at unbeatable refinement and practicality, hundreds of designs are available, use them in the kitchen for your walls, backsplash and countertop and in the bathroom for your shower and tub surround, backsplash and countertop too.