Homogeneous tiles

Yuxiang is a specialized manufacturer of various kinds of construction materials, such as homogeneous ceramic tiles, homogeneous floor tiles, porcelain floor tile, polished homogeneous tiles, 18x18 porcelain tile, which are suitable for bathroom, toilet, boiler room, swimming pool etc, having anti-slip and beautiful effect.

Compared to ceramic tile, the using of homogeneous tile has more advantages, because its inside color is the same with its surface color, so when it chips, it will not be noticeable. With much lower water absorption rate and higher density, homogeneous is definitely a much tougher tile, and therefore more long lasting. It's surface can be polished to make it reflective shine like those of a mirror, but the ceramic can only be glazed to make it shiny and it's not as long lasting as compare to the polished surface. The whole piece of homogeneous is made up by the same material and therefore it can be round edged at the sides, without showing a different material beneath the tile. Homogeneous tiles have almost become the choice for kitchen flooring and stove for many families. In an unlikely event of breakage due to fallen object, homogenous will not leave a big crack line and it will not show a different material / color beneath the surface, so it will be considered for the flooring of any commercial project. The only disadvantage is that the price of homogeneous tile is higher then ceramic tile.