split tiles series

Tiles are been used for many purposes, such as fireplaces, backsplashes, countertop, walls and floors. When deciding about which tile to use, some of the following life style questions are useful: How formal/informal are you? Do you like traditional or contemporary design? What is your budget? What colors do you like? With such a huge range of choices, there are our tiles (split mosaics, cultural brick, split face tile, exterior wall panel, wall brick, porcelain facing tile, ceramic bricks, full body tile, exterior wall tile, whole body tile and so on) that look for your need.

Matte, polished or bright tiles really add something to a room and can be used for a wide variety of applications such as wall tile, floor tile, countertop and backsplash material. Wall brick stands not only as one of many wall tile options, but as a tradition against which other wood wall options are judged. Ceramic bricks are also used for pavement. In China, brick pavement was found incapable of withstanding heavy traffic, but it is coming back into use as a method of traffic calming or as a decorative surface in pedestrian regions. Match good split face tile, exterior wall panel, wall brick, ceramic bricks, full body tile, porcelain facing tile, split mosaics, cultural brick, exterior wall tile and whole body tile can be as accents throughout your home or commercial project.